Day on A Plate with Natalia Kalinowski

Working as a model for over 11 years, Natalia Kalinowski has one of those faces you’re sure to recognise – having been tapped for campaigns by the likes of big name brands including French Connection, Louis Vuitton, David Jones, and Ralph Lauren. And as to be expected with someone championing this list of job credentials, it’s not just a pretty face that Natalia is sporting – with an enviable figure to match.

While sticking to a wellness routine can be hard with a job that requires constant travel, we were keen to chat to Natalia about what food and exercise regimes we can expect from her on a regular day. “Traveling is very common in my everyday life, so having a routine is difficult,” the model influencer explains. “When I travel, I always make sure I hit the gym and swimming pool (not only for cocktails by the pool, but also to get a few laps in before my day starts).

 But when I’m home, I stick to the below routine…”

Here, we take a look at what exactly her at-home routine involves (including a 4pm dinner time and regular F45 sessions):

Wake up and have a glass of warm water with lemon to start my metabolism. I personally hate hitting the gym (F45) in the morning, so instead I have two strong black coffees with a spoon of honey before heading out for a walk.
I drink a lot of water during the day and I don’t drink any juices or anything else.

I always have two options for breakfast depending on what I’m feeling that morning. I get bored of food quickly, so I need to keep it interesting! I have:

  • Muesli cereal with natural yoghurt and strawberries/raspberries,
  • Or I make an omelet with mushrooms, onion, capsicum, tomatoes and a little bacon.

This is the time I do all my running around with castings, meetings and emails.

Salad with chicken. I love rocket and spinach leaves with grilled chicken, olives, spring onion and avocado, with homemade dressing with olive oil and salt and pepper.
A black coffee with honey.

Some sort of protein with veggies or salad. I try eating red meat at least once a week and fish – even if I’m not the biggest fan of fish. I eat big a lots of veggies/salad which keeps me full throughout the whole day and night.
A cup of green tea.

I go to my F45 training class each day – which I love!!

I don’t eat anything big after training, usually just a piece of fruit or a smoothie.

Green Tea and a glass of hot/warm water with lemon. 
This is usually the time I go through emails on my phone and get things ready for the next day.

Bed time.

All images: Nat Kalinowski

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