Day on a plate and exercise regimes with Jessica Roche

Jessica Roche is a gal who can juggle. She’s toured Tokyo with Glue Store, gallivanted through Coachella alongside Princess Polly, and even studies psychology on Aussie shores – all in the space of a few months. Just casually. 

The blonde bombshell’s Insta grid is wrought with all kinds of cool. We’re talking a sartorial bar set to HIGH, featuring a crop of candid edits juxtaposed with editorial modelling shoots.

Today, we’re chatting with this go-getter on how she finds time to break a sweat and blend a smoothie while constantly trotting from one country, job, or lecture theatre to the next. Here’s Jess’ Day On A Plate…

I have religiously had the same brekkie for the last two years because it ticks all the boxes for me! Tasty, filling, nutritious and super clean and healthy – I crave it every morning.

I make a protein smoothie using 1 x scoop of Prana rich chocolate protein powder, 1 x frozen banana, 1 x cup of frozen blueberries, a heap of crushed ice, and water.

Lunch varies heaps for me because with my job I am always on the go and it’s hard for me to stay in routine with it. I generally graze throughout the day as I enjoy feeling light and energetic.

I will usually either have fruit, a light veggie salad (generally just raw veggies), veggie sticks and hummus, or another protein smoothie.

I will ALWAYS have a coffee in the afternoon to keep me going! A snack for me before a workout or to tie me over is fruit, veggie sticks, or a little protein bar of some sort.

Dinner is my favourite meal during the week as it’s the one I get to put more time into making interesting. My weekly go-to’s at the moment are big roast veggie salads, stir fries with a heap of veggies and tofu etc, asian style salads with lots of herbs and chilli, or I am obsessed with vegetable curries (red curries and laksas in particular).

As you can probably tell I am actually 90% plant based and I have been for 4 years. I occasionally will eat seafood or fish in particular every couple of weeks for its good fats and nutrients.

I am a massive sweet tooth and I honestly can’t go without a cup of tea and something sweet at night time. At the moment I am loving bar counters! I have been buying them in bulk the last few months. You can get them from Coles and Woolworths.

Exercise regime
I aim to exercise 5 times a week but it varies week-to-week with work and travel. I am currently into reformer pilates, boxing and running. I find a combination of these three work really well for me as its a mixture of high intensity, strength, and cardio and they all help me destress, focus on my breathing, and also stretch me out a little too.

All images via: Jessica Roche | Words by Genevieve Phelan

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