Day On A Plate with Any BODY Co’s Georgia Gibbs and Kate Wasley

When a picture of size 6 model Georgia Gibbs beside best friend Kate Wasley (a size 16 model) went viral last year with accusations of photoshopping, the amount of scorn (read trolling) it spawned spurred the girls into action. Launching Anybody.Co, Georgia and Kate set about championing a cause strong to their hearts – body acceptance and love whatever your size.

With the girl’s mission to celebrate all sizes applauded across the globe and the two appearing in media publications from Cosmopolitan to Elle to Sports Illustrated (and now Husskie!), the Any BODY movement has been growing at a seriously rapid rate.

Now, not only are they helping raise awareness about the cause, but they’re also motivating people on their journey towards health and wellbeing by tracking and monitoring their own diet and health programs (via Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro) and then sharing them with their community.

Curious about what food and exercise the girls really are into, we decided to get in touch with Kate and Georgia to talk just what is involved when it comes to their Day on A Plate and weekly exercise regimes…

Kate Wasley
Usually 2 egg omelets and one slice of grainy toast with tomato. If I need something quick, then scrambled eggs and avo.

Fruit or tuna tins.

Either chicken/salmon salad or chicken and Asian greens.

Whatever mum’s cooking if I’m at home! 😉 Or similar to lunch – chicken and greens with sweet potato.

My exercise routine:
I love to exercise outside, especially when I’m at home in Perth – there are so many beautiful long coastal walks. Being active is important to me and I love motivating my online community to eat better, move more and live a healthier life. I’ve been using the Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro watch to track my steps and help keep me on track, and usually aim for between 6,000 and 10,000 steps a day. I also do boxing classes three times a week and love a group cardio class.

Georgia Gibbs
I eat eggs for breakfast, poached is my favourite.

I like to snack on dried mango or yoghurt.

Lunch is usually a large salad with tuna, salmon or a poke bowl! I try and also drink at least 8 cups of water per day.

Dinner normally is a fillet of some sort of fish with different sides – I’m currently loving sweet potato and asparagus! If I want something sweet, usually I go for dark chocolate or a cheeky glass of red wine. I eat just about everything but feel my fittest, most alert and healthy when I fill my body with a mixture of light proteins, grains and fruit/veg.

My exercise routine:
I love boxing and Pilates, a mixture of high intensity and toning workouts are my favourite! It’s great being able to use my wearables to monitor not just my heart rate but reps of each exercise too.

Kate and I are both passionate about helping others reach their health goals and love supporting our community with their health journeys. We’ve been able to take our health and fitness goals to the next level, tracking our food and exercise with fitness tech and love how we can share our progress and support each other to stay motivated and confident.

All images: Any BODY Co and Samsung

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