Day On A Plate with model influencer Anne De Paula

Discovered by talent scouts at the age of 14, Anne De Paula really hit the limelight in 2017 when she featured in Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Model Search. Since then, the Rio de Janeiro-born model has gone on to appear in more issues of the magazine as well as being signed with leading modelling agency – Wilhelmina Models. And with a body of work suggested by the above – unsurprisingly, the likes are rolling in when it comes to this one’s Instagram feed.

So how does one go about getting a figure worthy of Sports Illustrated? Well, we set about finding out – tracking Anne down to tell us all about her eating and exercise regimes. Here, she spills the beans to Husskie on her Day On A Plate and weekly workout schedule.

Weekly workout schedule:
Depending on my work schedule, I try to follow a routine. I workout at least 3 times a week – Pilates, cardio and weight training, a different type of exercise every day.

Wake up:
When not working, I wake up at 9am and feed my dog first, haha. I am not hungry when I wake up, so I wait at least an hour to eat something.

I normally have eggs (omelette or boiled) and a cappuccino with almond milk. Sometimes orange or apple juice.

Mid-morning snacks:
After breakfast, I don’t eat much until lunch. I would have peanuts or a piece of bread if I’m still hungry.

Lunch is different every day. As a good Brazilian, I need to have rice with every meal and sometimes beans. I usually add a choice of protein and boiled eggs. I don’t normally drink while I eat but if I do, it’s always apple juice. I also love falafel, so falafel bowls are definitely a staple.

Afternoon snack:
Afternoon snacks consist of fruits, coffee, and protein bars while running around for castings. Sometimes I will have bread with peanut butter or jelly with my coffee.

Often my dinner is a nice well-done salmon, rice, or mashed potatoes… or spaghetti with tomato sauce – it depends on the day. If I’m too tired or not hungry, I will just have a soup.

I don’t really have desserts at night. If I do, it is during the day and it would be a small piece of carrot cake homemade by me or banana cake.

Bed time:
It really depends on how my schedule is, but if I don’t have anything to do the day after, it is around 1am. If I have to work early, it is right after dinner around 10pm.

My weekends are very much the same as any other day. I still workout if I can and I also have something different to eat, either go to a restaurant or order in.

Guilty treats:
Anything with truffles is my fave. French fries with truffle is heaven – definitely a guilty pleasure! Or chocolate croissants, wow.

All images: Anne De Paula

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