Weird foods & weekly exercise with Sally Fitzgibbons

Blonde beach hair, tanned limbs and ripped abs – what is it about surfers that always makes me feel like they got super lucky in the gene pool? (Okay, I do realise they work super hard for those abs, are in the sun all day erryday and can go to the hairdresser the same as the rest of us… but still). One of Australia’s stand-out surfer babes has got to be Sally Fitzgibbons – except she also brings to the table a winning grin (literally winning – this girl has been dominating the world surf tour… ten times a champion).

With Sally just signed on as Burt’s Bees first ever Australian ambassador and with the Surfest competition less than 10 days away, we decided now was the perfect time to have a little chat with the pro surfer. And while we could have talked about her achievements, motivations and her insane drive whether that be in the surf or in her entrepreneurial pursuits – we didn’t do any of that. Instead, we just asked her about how she got her body. Cos it’s hot. And that’s how we roll…

Sally in her role as ambassador for Burt’s Bees.

What’s your day on a plate?
It’s about showing your body that love and care with what fuel you are putting in. If you put in rubbish, you are going to get rubbish efforts in return. I keep my plate colourful with loads of fresh produce. Keeping things simplistic by mixing and matching variety of proteins with what’s in season or on special at the markets. I keep things as least processed as possible and make sure I’m constantly mixing up the different varieties of fruit and veg I’m eating so my body is absorbing as many different vitamins and nutrients from my food. You can check out my new book ‘Summer Fit’ for some other great plate ideas.

The weirdest food you like to eat?
When I was 11 years old I travelled to China for a soccer exchange. I was quite surprised to see chicken feet on the table for dinner!

What do you typically order if you’re in a restaurant?
I love eating out and take it as a real treat. At the moment I like eating Thai and have a thing for spicy food.

Do you ever eat Maccas?!
No, but I am a fan of Oliver’s if I am on the road travelling up the east coast of NSW.

Can you talk us through your weekly exercise regime?
I train in and out of the water every day. When the surf is there I try and surf 2-3 times a day and when the surf backs off I do a bit more land training. I start the day with a short run and training session in the gym before light and then hit the waves where-ever they are looking the best for what I am working on. Back for breakfast mid-morning usually taking in some Amazonia Acai pure and Raw protein isolate in a smoothie and then some time in the office. This is followed by a couple more surf sessions and then some stretching and yoga to finish up… Repeat x 7 🙂

What are your go-to exercise moves?
Surfing is an all-encompassing exercise so there is no one go-to exercise – and if there was, I am sure most people would get sick of it; variety is key. I train all the elements and muscles on land that I will be using when I’m in the line-up and on a wave so I can be the best and strongest surfer I can possibly be. I train my cardio base by running, swimming, biking, skipping and circuit training. I do my strength training and weights in the gym and whatever my surrounding and natural elements have to offer – like cool parks and equipment set out on running trails. Different styles of paddling technique and yoga come into play also. Then a whole lot of time in the surf. I love to continually change my routines and find that x-factor that will elevate me above the rest. I released my training App to help those that would like to get into shape called ’Train Like Sally’ available through All Australian Beach Body.

In her new role of ambassador for beauty brand Burt’s Bees, Sally discusses what attracted her to the brand: “I love Burt’s Bees. It’s all natural, and it keeps my lips protected in all conditions. I try have a true connection from nature to my skin. I think that’s the most pure form of living.”

Images Sally Fitz and Burt’s Bees

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