Day On A Plate: Tyenstagram’s Tyen Rasif

Born and raised in the Lion City (also known as Singapore), Tyen Rasif is fiercely chasing her pursuit of empowering more people to lead a healthy lifestyle. Previously suffering from eating disorders in her teen years, Tyen has used fitness as a way of overcoming her battle.

At just 22, she has reeled in a 36.8K+ following across Instagram and Youtube who tune into to her life as a women’s personal trainer, health/fitness influencer, bodybuilder, and even a freelance musician. On top of this hustle, she also competed in this year’s Miss Universe Singapore finals, is currently a host on Clicknetwork’s ‘No Sweat’, and will graduate in April next year with a Marketing Major from Singapore Management University.

But despite the above bringing with it a crazy schedule, Tyen still manages to look after her health both through food and fitness. Here, we sit down with Tyen as she talks us through the rundown on her daily meal and exercise regimes…

Wake up and have a black coffee with my Optimum Nutrition L-carnitine.

1 serving of fruit (blueberries and oranges are my favourite).

30 minutes of cardio on the cross trainer.

I have a high protein, high carb, high fibre breakfast that usually consists of a 4 egg/1 yolk omelette cooked with coconut oil, 1/2 cup of rolled oats, and a handful of spinach.

Head to work/school.

If I’m packing from home, it’s usually baked chicken breast with spinach, cherry tomatoes, pumpkin, and any other vegetable I can find in my fridge.

If I’m eating out, I would go for sliced fish soup or mixed vegetable rice (2 sides of vegetables, one side of tofu and rice). I try to be flexible when I have to eat out so I would simply ask for less sauce and oil and eat half my carb portion.

4:30 pm
I usually get peckish around this time, so I have a cup of black coffee and either Meiji crackers or a banana.

6:30 pm
Personal training clients OR a workout.

8:30 pm
I have dinner with my family, so I usually opt for 2 steamed vegetables (asparagus and broccoli are my favourites), a meat option, and purple Japanese sweet potatoes.

For a dinner date, sashimi is my go-to! I rarely eat beef or pork as it does not digest well in my body.

10 pm
Contrary to popular belief about eating too late in the day, I do enjoy eating dessert or giving myself a treat before I go to bed. This involves dark chocolate or a whey isolate protein shake for optimum nutrition.

I drink a cup of peppermint or green tea to help with digestion before I go to bed.

I do enjoy my cheat meals and I have them every other day but limit my portions. My favourite cheat foods are egg noodles, fries, and pizza.

All images: Tyenstagram

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