Day on A Plate and exercise regimes with Starlette Thynne

Big sister Tammy Hembrow might be on 8.8 million followers on Instagram, but we’re predicting in 2019 – younger sibling Starlette Thynne is going to be one to seriously watch out for. With 104K+ followers on the Gram and growing fast (and that’s despite having to restart her account in June this year), Starlette is the second youngest of five girls in a family making a name for themselves as the Kardashians of Australia [which would make Starlette the Kendall Jenner of the family. Not a bad predecessor to follow…]

With the family unit consisting of Tammy (24), Emilee (26), and Amy Hembrow (28) and half-sisters Starlette (18) and Ava Thynne (13), all five girls are currently living on the Gold Coast where they work on the Saski clothing line and the ‘Tammy Fit’ fitness program – a program that Starlette incorporates into both her daily eating and exercise regimes.

And it shows.

Cutting a figure that has us desperately wanting to shut the computer and hit the gym, we decided to pull Starlette aside to find out just what it takes to look that good. Here she lets us in on her Day on A Plate and fitness workouts.

Wake up, check my phone/emails and make myself a cup of lemon tea. I usually start the day with a lemon tea to get my metabolism going.

Oats: 1 handful of oats with almond milk, a sliced banana, and honey on top.

An apple or handful of almonds/protein shake.

I go through phases where I eat the same thing for lunch until I’m bored of it, but my current fave is chicken salad or turkey sandwiches.

Gym with Tammy – we are currently using her app ‘Tammy Fit‘.

At the moment I’ve been loving the recipes from the Tammy Fit app. My favourite is Chicken & Black Bean Quesadilla with Sautéed Zucchini… YUM!

I’m really into coconut ice-cream and fruit if I’m feeling like something sweet.

Bed time! Hopefully by this time I’ve managed to drink 2L of water throughout the day (it’s harder than you think!)

All images: Starlette Thynne

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