Day in the life of an influencer talent manager

2015 really was the year we begun to see influencers start to gain major traction. All of a sudden people were ditching their friends on Instagram to follow feeds belonging to strangers they’d never met – be that strangers with impeccable style and taste. It was also the year we began to hear the term “influencer marketing” being thrown around.

Hand-in-hand with the growth of influencer marketing (i.e. influencers being paid to promote products), came an increasing need for talent agents to manage this blossoming industry. Noticing a rising demand for blogger representation and an interface between talent and brands in Melbourne, Genevieve Day decided to launch Day Management in June 2015.

A year and a half later, and Genevieve is managing some of Australia’s top style bloggers – with the likes of Josie Barber, Twice Blessed, Kristy Who, Tully Smyth, Stylebk., Winston and Willow, Rachel James and Jess Alizzi all on her books.

Intrigued by what a day in the life of an influencer talent manager looks like, Husskie got the lowdown from Genevieve on just how she goes from sun up to sun down…

8am: Wake up and consume the first of many coffees for the day

8:30am: Check Instagram. I go over each talent’s page to monitor any current campaigns, pending posts and to track following and post engagement.

9:00am: Start emails for the day. First off I catch up with any international requests that come in overnight, and then start replying to everyone! I think that being responsive is so important, and I strive to get back to everyone within 48 hours. Good communication between myself, the brands and my talent is so integral to the business, so this takes up the majority of my morning.

12:00pm: I try and have an in-person meeting with my talent at least once a fortnight. This either happens at my office, or a local cafe. I’m obsessed with Richmond so most of my meetings take place within the bubble, however we also do some promotion of some amazing local cafes around Melbourne so will journey to those to kill two birds with one stone.

1:30pm: Pop into a talent photoshoot or interview to ensure everything is under control and going to plan! As we are a boutique agency, this enables me to have a hands on approach to the collaborations we undertake, and ensures I’m available for my talent to assist when necessary.

2:30pm: More emails! Our work is both proactively talking to brands about potential collaborations, as well as responding to the (lots of) incoming requests.

6:00pm: After the standard working day is done, I might attend a launch event for a fashion label, new restaurant or product launch. These are great for networking and touching base with PR companies and other talent.

9:00pm: Last minute email check before signing off incase of any emergencies.

10:00pm: Last scroll through Instagram of my talent’s pages, ensuring everything is on track.

10:30pm: Netflix and then bed!

All images: @genevieve_day

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