Coconut and Bliss’ Sophie Fisher talks branching out from Instagram

When we interviewed Coconut and Bliss food and lifestyle blogger Sophie Fisher last year, she hinted she was working on a project that she couldn’t wait to share. Nine months later, and Sophie is proud to reveal that she’s teamed up with  sustainable jewellery label La Luna Rose to co-design a food and travel-inspired collection of necklaces, rings, and earrings.

With the range recently launching online, we decided to use the occasion to find out a bit more about how the collaboration came about, what inspired Sophie to get into design, and if this is something we’re about to see a lot more of…

What made you decide to get into jewellery designing?
Rosie (founder of La Luna Rose) and I had collaborated a few times before on her other gorgeous collections. She came up with the brilliant idea of teaming together and using her jewellery-making expertise in combination with my passion for food and the beach to create an incredible co-designed range.

Is this something you always wanted to do?
I have genuinely always loved designing in some way or another, so when Rosie approached me for this opportunity – I didn’t even have to think twice. I am naturally a creative person so this kind of project does not feel like ‘work’ at all!

How did you get started on the design process?
We started by making a few Pinterest boards to capture inspirational designs and concepts that could form the basis of our first round of ideas (I have since developed a massive Pinterest addiction!). Rosie was really open to what I designed and the ideas I wanted to play with. I first drew these up and presented the sketches to her, and then she re-drew them, tweaking them where necessary – after all, she is the expert and knows what works structurally.

How long did it take from initial discussions to completed product?
All up it took 88 days from discussing, designing, and then having the pieces produced. There needs to be a lot of communication involved, not only for the designing side of things but even more so for the marketing of the product and discussing tiny details down to the photography. Then there are those things that you completely forget about, for example the design on the packaging and the recipe cards. All these small components really add up! It’s all worth it in the end when you see the final product.

Can you talk me through the collection?
There are four themes throughout the collection which is made up of a series of rings, earrings and necklaces. Each theme comes with a different recipe card too. There are a few coffee bean pieces (paired with a healthy mocha recipe), a palm tree collection (paired with a tropical smoothie bowl), the ‘coco’ collection which involved the words handwritten by myself (paired with a coconut pancake recipe), and finally, a ‘berry crumble’/ moon collection which involves interchangeable disc earrings, rings and a necklace (paired with a healthy berry crumble recipe).

What was your key inspiration behind it?
The range is called ‘Kelapa’, meaning ‘coconut’ in Indonesian. This was completely inspired by my love of coconuts (obviously!) and my love of Bali, somewhere that feels like a second home to me. The word seemed to encapsulate the perfect combination of food, beach and travel, three factors that I feel so passionate about and also guided me throughout my designs. Simply speaking, I am really inspired by the little things in life: amazing places and genuine people. I think sometimes inspiration can be a lot less exotic than people realise. I’m inspired and motivated by experiences that simply make me feel happy.

Do you think that having an Instagram following will help with the brand’s success?
I hope so! I think it definitely helps having a platform where you can instantly expose the range to thousands of people as well as visually showcase the aesthetic of each piece. I think the key is to just be really consistent and frequently capture the range in a variety of contexts and styles to appeal to unique tastes.

What was it like trying to juggle your roles as a PR consultant, influencer, and launching a brand?
I won’t lie, it was at times really challenging! I am constantly juggling so many deadlines so adding this to the mix did make me really busy, however, [it was] so worth it. Rosie made the process really easy for me as she was so flexible and really understanding when I had to push back on deadlines.

Are we likely to see you get into more designing in the future?
Yes, I am now obsessed! I would love to create more jewellery or even design some bikinis.

And what’s next for Sophie Fisher?!
Hopefully a few more fun projects and fingers crossed some travel later in the year! Stay tuned…

All images provided by Coconut and Bliss wearing the La Luna Rose Kelapa collection.

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