Carmen Huter | All the packing essentials of a travel influencer

Travel influencer Carmen Huter leads the definition of a life well-traveled. And therefore a life extremely well-packed. We’ve all been there – clumsily decanting shampoo into teenie tiny tubs and pouring perfume into travel spritzing contraptions. Square cubes for clothing, makeshift bags to shield our tech goods: the list goes on. But what do we really need in our life-on-wheels? And what kind of equipment is a top travel influencer carrying with her?

Today, Carmen opens up her backpack to tour us through her travel blogging necessities (including the all important photography gear). Below, she’s dishing out all the info needed to get you through a photoshoot abroad…

Camera Gear:
As a professional photographer, you’ll find my camera is always within my reach. I shoot on a SonyA7ii, and my go-to lens is a 35mm f1.4. This lens gives it a beautifully polished film perspective which I appreciate. If you’re new to the world of photography but want to start taking great photos yourself, I’d recommend getting a camera with interchangeable lenses because the real magic lies in the lens (and your eyes, of course), rather than the body.

Wherever possible, I also love to take aerial photos. I do so with my handy DJI Mavic Pro; it’s small, light, and uncomplicated but oh-so-powerful. To make the best out of night skies or low light in general, I love to bring my Manfrotto tripod to help with long exposure shots.

Finally, to add some fun I often bring along a small light chain which I power from a portable charger. Can you see where I used it in my feed?!

Camera Backpack / Day Bag:
For my camera gear, I have been using a bag by Peak Designs and love it… with one minor exception it’s pretty dull looking! Of course that might just help to keep it all safe, but if I had to rate on looks only then I’d go with the day bag from BennyBee. Both brands pride themselves on their ethics and handcraft.

Natural fabrics are key! So are fair fashion labels, which are transparent and support our environment. Naturally-derived materials smell less and feel a lot nicer on your skin, especially after a long, sweaty travel day (who knows what I’m talking about?!) Anything linen, merino and organic cotton has a secured spot in my suitcase or backpack. My favourite brands are Arnhem, Auguste The Label, Avoca, Everlane, Outdoor Voices, Patagonia and Lululemon as well as anything vintage. Think exercise gear, cashmere jerseys, dark jeans, plain cotton and merino t-shirts, wrap dresses and flowy skirts. Felt hats or caps are the ideal add-ons.

If I’m not in my suede Birkenstocks, you’ll find me in the most delicious hiking boots I have ever come across by Danner Boots (worth the investment, but be sure to read their sizing guide). Them, or my white Veja sneakers.

Snacks are essential. In life. On the road. On a mountaintop. In the office. Just about everywhere, really. From cliff bars to fresh fruit (beware of customs though, bringing fresh produce or nuts into a foreign country is often illegal), my handbag or backpack is always well stocked and going hungry (hangry) isn’t an option. Bonus point for making friends when snacks are shared!

Again, go natural and treat your skin with the love she deserves. The solid shampoo and conditioner from Ethique work like magic. So does the vitamin c serum by Ursa Major and the manuka balm by Goodbye Ouch.

Other Bits & Pieces:
An instant polaroid camera comes in especially handy when visiting markets, local villages or ethnic minorities. Take a photo, print it, leave behind a memory they (and you) will never forget.

Soundproof headphones (mine are from Bose) and ear plugs will make travelling a whole lot more comfortable. A Kindle, lots of podcasts and audiobooks will do so, too.

Happy travels, loves! Don’t forget to create more than you consume. See you on Insta.

All images via: Carmen Huter | Words by Genevieve Phelan

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  1. Carmen Huter says:

    Thanks for having me, lovely. Always a joy talking to you!

    • Husskie says:

      Thank you so much for doing this with us (and letting Husskie take a peek inside your backpack!) Always OUR pleasure! Yelena xx

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