Born to dance: How Tori Wade is stepping things up

How many Instagram videos of someone dancing can you watch before officially being titled a creep? At least in the case of Tori Wade – I can notch it down to “story research”. But truth is, once I started watching her R&B-inspired choreographies – I literally could not stop. Could not, would not. Girl got herself some moves…

Singing and dancing from the age of three, the Sydney-born artist has been performing in competitions and shows ever since – even going on to be crowned Dancer of the Year at Australia’s National Dance Championship. But it’s not just dance that Tori brings to the floor… she’s also got some fierce styling – with a mixture of the two seeing her build up an impressive Instagram following and the attention of major fashion labels such as Nike, Supré and Fanta. Not bad going for a 17 year old.

Now, Tori is inspiring others to follow in her steps (literally) – joining forces with Ubisoft’s upcoming dance rhythm game ‘Just Dance 2018’ to encourage everyone to unleash their inner dancer. Following news of the role, we caught up with Tori to chat everything from first getting into dance to eating and exercise regimes, plus what she gets up to in her down-time.

Okay, first off… we need to know – where did you learn to dance like that? We want your moves!
Thank you! My mum was a dancer her whole life so maybe I got it from her?

Have you always been into dancing?
Yes, since I can remember! I’ve grown up surrounded by dancers.

Have you had professional dance training or how did you learn to dance?
I studied in a dance school environment up until recently, so I’ve always had set classes for my training.

Do you think it’s your moves that have seen you gain such widespread attention on Instagram?
Haha. I mean, maybe? Honestly I love being able to share my love of dance through Instagram and social media. I see so many amazing dancers from all world that inspire me, so hopefully I can do the same. I think people love watching dance!

You’ve recently joined forces with Just Dance 2018. What does your ambassador role involve?
Yes! I’m so pumped for Just Dance 2018. I feel so lucky to be involved with such a fun and relatable game. I’m encouraging all Aussies to share their love of dance and unleash their inner dancer. You don’t have to be a trained dancer to shake it in your living room!

Why did it appeal to you?
I want to get as many people involved with dance as possible. Not all of us have the opportunity to train full time at a dance studio, some might just wanna jam out to their favourite songs at home. Just Dance is the perfect way to get involved with the fun of dance.

Have you always hoped to inspire other people to live their dancing dreams?
Yes always! I wanna reach out and continue to inspire as many people as possible. Anyone can dance, just gotta give it a shot.

How long do you spend a day dancing?
There are days when I’ll be dancing for 6 hours a day, other days I don’t dance at all. It’s sometimes super busy, but I also really enjoy having time to chill and focus on my other interests.

Is the dancing industry a cut-throat one?
It’s what you make of it. For me, yes, the scene I’m a part of is very cut-throat, but there are other sides of dance that are not so full on… it’s all about that balance. Being surrounded by the right people!

What are your tips for someone looking to break into the industry?
Be true to yourself, be genuine – people will respect you for that.

Do you think having an Instagram following has helped with your dancing career?
Dance is dance. I’m not concerned about having a career out of it, I do it out of pure enjoyment. Social media just gives me a platform to share it on, which is pretty dang cool.

You’re a model / dancer / actress. Which of the three do you prefer doing and why?
Oooo that’s real tricky… Dance is always my passion, so I’m gonna go with that for now – modelling and acting is something I’d like to get more involved in.

When you’re not doing one of the three, what can we find you doing?
I love hanging out with my friends and being social! Going shopping, getting my nails done, swimming in my pool, listening to music ALL day in my room… the list goes on!

Do you get much down-time?
That would depend on where I am, what time of year it is etc. I think it’s super important to have down-time to recharge. I’m pretty lucky my schedule lately has been so good!

And we have to ask. That body! Can you talk me through your ‘day on a plate’?
Thank you! I literally could live off acai bowls. I make one everyday for breakfast and lunch.
To be honest, lately I’m not much of a foodie – I just eat anything that’s quick, healthy and vegan.

And what exercise do you usually do across a week?
I LOVE the gym! I try to go at least 4 times a week (I go with my bestie, makes it easy) and everyday I do my ab workout.

I know you have to go, but just lastly – what are you hoping to achieve with your dancing?
I would love to perform on stage for the rest of my life! My long-term goal is to have my own tour. Maybe dancing will help me out?

Where will we see you in five years’ time?
Who knows! I’m still learning and figuring out how life works for the moment. I have dreams… maybe in 5 years’ time they could become reality, but for now, just keep pushing my dancing, singing, acting etc.

All images: @tori_wade | To find out more about Just Dance 2018, click here

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