The new Bonds girl: behind-the-camera with Sarah Ellen

It may have been her brows that first threw her into the spotlight, but while they may be a talented pair – Sarah Ellen’s fame seems to have transgressed just a little way past this dancing duo. Edging towards one million followers on Instagram, the bubbly babe with a banging bod is on the fast-track to being the name on everyone’s lips in 2017.

Acting gigs aside (Sarah played the role of Madison Robinson on Neighbours throughout 2016), the 19-year-old is also securing a slew of top modelling jobs – including following in Miranda Kerr, Rachael Taylor, and Ruby Rose’s footsteps to be named the new face of popular lifestyle brand Bonds.

Going behind-the-scenes at the shoot, we talk to Sarah about spending time offline, making acting a priority, and pinch-me moments.

Can you talk me through a usual day in your life?
I can’t say there is a ‘usual day’ for me, as the nature of my work can make it hard to keep a routine. But typically, I start my day by listening to Billie Holiday on Pandora Radio while cooking a healthy breakfast – this prepares my mind and body before heading to yoga. After yoga, I will most likely head to a cafe with my laptop to check my emails or work on producing my next shoot while sippin’ on a soy cappuccino.

If I don’t have any meetings that day, chances are I’ll be heading to a photoshoot – this is my favourite part of the day. It’s when I get to be creative and I love that I get the opportunity to work with some awesome industry creatives whom I look up to. If I don’t have a shoot organised, I’ll most likely schedule in a session with my acting coach, where I’ll rehearse any auditions I have coming up.

In the evening, I’ll either order takeout or get dinner with a friend. My go-to dinner spot in Sydney is Zushi in Surry Hills. And my favourite thing to do before going to sleep is star gazing.

How much of the year do you spend travelling?
It depends on where work takes me, but I’ve found myself travelling a lot lately! Being able to experience the world in different ways has been life-changing and eye-opening.

How would you rate your work/life balance – or is work so fun you don’t even consider it work?!
You’re right, work for me is really fun – it’s what I’m passionate about! That said, there are times when I am very busy and it is easy to become a little stressed. If I’m feeling overwhelmed, I usually find myself meditating or on my way to a yoga session (which is often).

What has been your biggest pinch-me moment so far?
I often find myself completely humbled and grateful for some of the amazing opportunities that I’ve been able to work on but hands-down, working as the face of Bonds has been the biggest ‘pinch-me’ moment so far.

In a saturated market, what do you think is it about yourself that keeps your followers engaged?
That’s a good question! It’s subjective to each individual I guess, but I like to think I¹m always open to conversations with my followers. I try to include them in my life, sharing the ups and the downs.

Do you feel your life is like an open book?
Yes and no… I have the amazing opportunity to share my adventures and journeys with my followers, however, I still maintain a sense of privacy when it comes to my personal life.

Are there times you consciously decide to keep things to yourself?
Totally! I love sharing my revelations and lessons about life with my fans, however, I don’t feel the need to share every detail. That’s one thing I love about my relationship with them.

Do you ever get digital overload where you feel like you need a break from all social media platforms?
Throughout the day, I usually give myself breaks by doing things like yoga and reading. I’ve learnt that it is important to spend a healthy amount of time offline as well as online.

What has been your favourite campaign to work on?
Definitely the Bonds campaign… It’s such an honour to be their new face, following in the footsteps of some amazing women. I had to pinch myself a few times on the shoot.

Have there ever been any moments of doubt or low moments in your career?
Naturally yes, but in those tough times I only found myself pushing and working harder. My achievements then became more rewarding afterwards. One of my favourite quotes is: “Fear cannot touch you, but it can rob you of your life”.

When you’re not working, what are your favourite things to do?
I love vintage clothing shopping, I visit the markets almost every weekend. If I’m not at the markets, I’m probably by the beach enjoying some good company or a good book.

Do you still catch up with your old friends?
Yes! When I catch up with my childhood friends, it feels like no time has passed at all.

You have an incredible figure. Is there pressure as an influencer to look a certain way?
If there is pressure, then I don’t feel it. I’m a big believer in people being themselves and celebrating their individuality.

What are you hoping to achieve with your career, what’s next for Sarah Ellen?
I’ve been blessed with some amazing opportunities in Australia over the last couple of years, and I’m excited to see what I can create locally and internationally this year. I really love acting and this is a major priority for me at the moment. At the same time, I also love all the creative work that I get to do as a model and creative director, and I’m looking forward to working on some exciting creative projects this year. After LA [where she’s just flown to], I’ll be heading to the international fashion weeks.

“My favourite piece from the collection is the bomber jacket, but my go-to pieces would be the Bonds Hipster – they’re super comfy!”

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