Belle Lucia answers literally ALL your burning questions

We first began writing this article by comparing Belle Lucia to a cross between Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Gigi Hadid – but then we had to scrap that, because those comparisons really did her no justice. In fact, there’s really no comparison to be found. Belle is very much running her own race (a race closely watched by over 1.1 million Instagram followers).

Scouted as a model at 14, Belle’s world has never strayed too far from the camera – but despite her looks, it wasn’t until recently finishing her nursing degree that she turned to the profession full-time. Since then, life has turned up the tempo as Belle gets booked for one modelling gig after the other as brands clamour to get near her (and followers await her every post).

But while the juggle of a hefty workload is real, we managed to pull Belle aside between bookings to chat about life behind the feed. From typical days to food and fitness regimes – we get the full lowdown…

You’re half German and half Portuguese, when did you move to Australia?
My dad was born in Madeira and my mum Munich. I was born in Australia – where my parents met… 🙂

How did you first get into the influencer scene?
About 2.5 years ago. I was still doing my nursing degree and started posting modelling photos on my social media.

When did you start seeing your Instagram gain traction? What prompted this?
I posted a selfie 2 years ago which went semi viral – I had my hair in space buns and glitter on my chest. I didn’t expect anything when I took the photo, I just wanted to take a creative shot!

Can you talk me through a typical day in your life?
I model full-time, so I’m always at a different location – working for a different brand every day… I don’t really have a typical day. Sometimes I’m up early traveling interstate and other days I’ll have an afternoon shoot in Bondi, it’s always changing. I really love that my job is unpredictable, there’s never a boring day – but it can be stressful.

Roughly 2-3 days a week I’ll work interstate. Which means I’ll be up at 4am and on the first flight out of Sydney. Once I arrive, I meet the team and start hair and makeup. Whilst in the h&m chair, the client usually runs over what the shoot will incorporate. Then it’s straight into shooting, which entails me getting dressed 100 times a day, haha. I love the creative aspect of my job, I feel like I’m transforming myself with every new outfit.

Lunch is definitely my favourite part of the day! I’m always so excited finding out what the team will be eating! After the shoot is wrapped up, I’ll be on a flight home and almost always fall asleep on the plane.

And what about on days off. What can we find you doing?
I love surfing, going to the beach, spending time with my family, and sometimes I love doing nothing like lying in bed and reading, haha.

You seem to travel a lot. Is this mostly for work or pleasure?
Mostly for work. I think I’d be restless if I went away for a long period of time and didn’t work, haha.

Do you enjoy the work trips away?
I absolutely love them. I’m addicted to traveling.

As well as being a model – you’re a registered nurse. Do you currently practice nursing or does modelling take up all your time?
At the moment I model full-time, so unfortunately I am unable to practice nursing. I know I can always be a nurse but I won’t be able to model forever, so at the moment I’m trying to model as much as possible and enjoy the moment.

Are you hoping to do more nursing in the future?
Yes, I hope 3 years of studying wasn’t for nothing, haha – but even if I don’t end up practicing, being an RN is still very practical knowledge.

Moving on from career… can we just focus on your epic figure for a moment?! What does a typical Day On Your Plate look like?
I always eat breakfast – it’s usually scrambled eggs on toast, granola or pancakes. I don’t drink coffee, so a lot of my energy comes from food! Lunch and dinner is always different. I eat a lot of seafood and Japanese ramen and sushi – it’s my absolute favourite. I’m not really a salad girl, I work on my feet all day, so I need a lot of food to keep me going.

Do you ever feel like you have to go on a diet before a swimwear or lingerie shoot?
No, definitely not, haha. I’ve actually never been on a strict diet. I get a lot of enjoyment out of eating. I think eating in moderation is healthy and a part of enjoying life. I come from a very traditional European background where dieting is sort of frowned upon, my Nana would be very upset if I went on a diet!

What about exercise? What type of exercise would you get up to in a regular week?
Because I work so much, it’s very difficult to exercise regularly. I’m not a gym girl, but I do like walking and jogging.

Just three quick ones to finish… What are your five can’t live without beauty products?

  1. My number one product will always be sunscreen, it’s so important to minimise my sun exposure. You will never find me sunbaking, haha (the tan isn’t worth it in the future)
  2. Eyebrow gel. I have really long eyebrow hairs so I need to brush them up or they look funny
  3. Lip balm
  4. Concealer
  5. Blush – which I also double up and use as an eyeshadow too.


And lastly… what’s your top tip for getting the perfect snap for Instagram?
Get creative and have fun taking the photo!

All images: Belle Lucia

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