“Authenticity is so powerful” | Behind the lens with Emm Gurr

When we think of Aussie-grown model and influencer Emily Gurr of @emmgurr, we can’t help but see golden hues: gumdrop-yellow Chryslers, striking sunflower fields, lemony-tinged swimsuits, and a gilded mane of salt-dipped locks. With this constant veil of sunlight draped across her Instagram grid, Emily embodies a certain vivacity and zest for life that’s hard to come by. This girl is glittering, and we can’t get enough.

When chatting with Emily, we were given an insider glimpse into what makes her tick, whose wardrobe she’d love to hijack, gospel from her personal beauty bible, and why she’s certain that in the influencer space – routine is overrated.

We hope you’re piña colada-clad, poolside and ready to indulge…

You’re a business grad and a fully-fledged model. If the sky’s the limit, what’s your dream career?
Oooo, that’s the million-dollar question right there and one I’m still trying to figure out. I love coming up with ideas and forming them into tangible concepts and representations. I love to create and style. I love questioning dress and why and how we do it – the feelings and meaning we embody into the act and pieces we own. I love to write and I love to talk to other creatives in various fields, whether they be writers, painters, photographers or fashion designers. I love bouncing ideas.

So, if I could have a dream career, I think it would be along the lines of my own little creative hub along with creative directing for different slow-fashion labels or publications. Travel would also be a lovely addition to this dream career, I hate to sit still and I love broadening my perspective through experiencing different cultures and people.

What inspires you the most to create digital content?
The freedom to be creative. I have always had an obsession with old films, novels, music and art. I love 60s films but also 70 to early 90s movies. I like to recreate trends and capture moments in time. I love that digital media allows us to have this creative space and ability to reach such a large number of people from all over. I also love the ability to create conversation and offer diversity. To me it is so powerful and important to encourage variety and uniqueness, to help encourage people to embrace themselves for all their quirks. Authenticity is so powerful.

Who takes your Instagram photos most of the time?
Generally just friends, or my lovely sister. I try to set up all aspects of how and what I want shot – from the location, background and what detail of the pieces I want focused on. So, it is just a means of having a beautiful friend of mine press the button. I’m lucky to have such a great bunch of people around me.

How do you edit your photos?
I try not to edit my images too much. 1. Because I like them to look as close to real life as possible and 2. I’m not technologically advanced enough to know how to do much more. I do have Snapseed – great free app! I generally fix the brightness – desaturate a little and sometimes add a little grain or sharpening if need be. But again, I try to keep things as true to the moment they were captured in.

What filters (if any) do you use?
I try not to use too many filters, but if anything, I will chuck a light layer of Aden on – down to about 20%.

How does social media help you to advance in the modelling stakes? Do you treat Instagram as your own sort of mini portfolio?
To a certain degree. I think it is good for clients to gauge what your personality is and see if their customers relate to you. I think it’s a good way to almost remain relevant as modelling is becoming such a competitive industry. There’s just so many beautiful girls out there killing it.

If your style had a mantra, what would it be?
Classic and minimalistic with elements of intrigue and androgyny.

If you could raid any fellow influencer’s closet, whose would it be? What would you steal?
Camille Rowe (@fingermonkey). Ahh, I would like everything please and thank you. She is so effortlessly cool. I’d love all of her vintage suits, especially the Gucci one. I also love all of her vintage denim and glasses.

What are your haircare and beauty essentials?
Honestly, I’m probably not the best person to ask about hair care. I swim in the ocean a lot and use Redken shampoo and conditioner at the moment. I’m not sure if that’s the best – but my hair seems to like it. If I’m not working, I try to keep it away from blow dryers or hot tools. I also eat lots of vegetables and essential oils and drink plenty of water, which I feel is just so important for my all-round health – nails, skin and hair but also essential for my mind. I’m a little skin crazy, I try not to wear makeup when I can, wear sunscreen daily and use rosehip oil and Aspect cleanser.

What does a typical week in your life entail?
I like to stay active so I try go to the gym most days, alternating between F45, yoga and Pilates. I like to surf when I can. Plenty of coffee dates to catch up with my friends. I just returned home from being in the States for 4 months after finishing uni, so I have been working on little passion projects that I want to get off the ground in 2018. Lots of emailing each day and shooting content. I like adventure days to waterfalls or random hike trails. I hate routine, so each week changes.

What are your plans for 2018? Any NY resolutions on the agenda?
I’m not a great planner. I’m very spontaneous, which I find to work for me as it keeps me motivated and looking for opportunities to run with. I’m working on my film photography. I love the process involved with film – I find it more of a conscious act than digital. I love meeting and talking to interesting people so I am working on a little photography and written projects around this. I also have a few other passion projects that I’m continuously brainstorming and developing but I move slowly – which I find works for me.

I would love to run a marathon this year too, I have always said I would like to do one under the age of 25 as a bit of a throwaway line ,but now I’m like eep I better get moving – only 2 years ‘til I’ll be 25. So, I’ll see how I go there. Travel is definitely on the card. Again, this is always super spontaneous, but I’d love to get back over to Europe for summer. Iran is also very high on the list.

All images via: @emmgurr | Interview and words by: Genevieve Phelan

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