Beauty, boobs + brains? Lindsey Pelas talks challenging perceptions

She may be most famous for her two rather ample assets – but in 2018, “Instagram’s Ultimate Southern Belle” Lindsey Pelas is bringing to light another large asset… her brain. Yep, while there’s no denying her 32DDDs get plenty of attention, this year has seen Lindsey prove she’s nailing it in all areas of the triple B department (beauty, boobs and brains) with the launch of her podcast “Eyes Up Here with Lindsey Pelas“.

Discussing her take on life, pop culture, Hollywood ins and outs, and conversations with celebrity friends – the “Eyes Up Here with Lindsey Pelas” podcast is showing a new side of herself to Lindsey’s more than 11+ million combined global social media followers.

To find out more about it (plus how she has a history degree and what a usual day in her life looks like), we tracked Lindsey down for a little chat…

What inspired you to launch a lifestyle podcast?
I’ve been a guest on a lot of podcasts and I always got positive feedback not only from the audiences, but from the hosts. I am enjoying showing my personality and sharing my world and thoughts a bit deeper.

Was the podcast a way for you to let people know you also have brains as well as beauty?! Is this a common misconception?
My podcast is definitely a way to show another side to me. Unfortunately, the world can still be stereotypical and attribute mental characteristics to physical ones, but I think most of the listeners, and podcasting community in general, are a lot smarter than that.

What would you say are the biggest misconceptions about yourself?
A lot of people assume I’m mean, materialistic, and shallow – and I’m exactly the opposite. I’m really empathetic, down to earth (being a southern girl from Louisiana), and I’m quick-witted.

On the podcast you find your 32DDD getting you into a little bit of trouble! Do you find your boobs are normally an asset or an issue?
I’d say they’re a bit of both! They can definitely bring out the attention of the ill-mannered! Haha.

You also mention on the podcast that you just live a “normal life”. Can you talk me through what a usual day in your life looks like?
It’s really all over the place! If I’m not traveling or booked at a shoot, I’m probably answering emails, doing yoga, cooking, and working out.

You have a HUGE following on social media. Does this mean you have to spend a lot of your day on social media?
Not necessarily, but I find myself looking online a lot like everyone else. I think I post a decent amount, but I don’t obsess over it. I probably spend more time reading the news on my phone than playing on social media (it’s way more dramatic these days, haha).

Does having a large social media following sometimes bring with it negative outcomes?
There’s an internal stress about having so much opportunity. There’s so many people watching and I’m in Hollywood, so trying to manipulate this opportunity to fit a long-term career and plan can get me really anxious. I’ll never feel like I’ve done enough or used it the right way.

We loved hearing your opinion on social media on Steve TV. Is it important for you to spread the word that social media can be used to bring to life issues of femininity and breaking stereotypes? Is this something you try and do?
I certainly try and let people know the positive side to social media, especially in regards to feminism and femininity. The internet has provided great opportunity for awareness, body positivity, and celebrating womanhood.

You’ve had a pretty amazing career to date. What would you say has been your career highlight?
Producing my annual swimsuit calendar the last 2 years has definitely been my highlight! I really got a taste for business this way. Creating a product from scratch, fully producing it, and marketing and selling it has been a great achievement. I’m really proud that I did it by myself!

What’s the thing you’re most proud of?
I’m actually most proud of my character. I am constantly learning from everyone around me and every experience. I think each year I grow into a much wiser, more developed person.

Have there ever been any moments of doubt or low moments in your career?
All the time! Haha. This industry is really tough and not for the faint of heart. I miss the days where I thought I’d get married and get a conventional career after college. This is the much wilder, unsure path – but it’s the one for me.

If you weren’t being a model, what would your job be?
I have a degree in history, so I’ve always thought about teaching or even pursuing a law degree.

When you’re not working, what are your favourite things to do?
I really like a good workout. I’m always doing yoga, hiking, pilates and cycling classes. The rest of my time I spend with my hilarious friends and my dog, Tosh.

And lastly, it’s already been a crazy year for you… what can followers expect from you for the rest of 2018?
My followers can expect more fitness, fashion and fun. I’m about to begin shooting my 2019 calendar and it’s going to be absolutely insane!! You can also expect for my podcast “Eyes Up Here” to get a bit deeper and bolder!

Lindsey’s Eyes Up Here Podcast cover

 Click here to listen to Lindsey’s Eyes Up Here Podcast.

Images: Lindsey Pelas and Anderson Group PR.

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