An important social media message from Madeline Joy Relph

From becoming disillusioned with the whole Instagram “game” to just needing a “digital detox”, more and more we’re seeing people take a break from social media. And it’s not just well publicised celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Justin Bieber who are doing it. This week saw lifestyle influencer Madeline Joy Relph reveal she had deleted her Instagram app for nine days to “appreciate real life”.

Announcing the move to her followers via the social media platform, Madeline posted: “Time to slow down✨ Deleted my Instagram app for 9 days, although not long, highly beneficial. I feel everyone needs a break from this virtual world every now and then. Time to just reflect and appreciate real life.

“It’s far too easy getting caught up in everyone else’s highlight reel. Time to focus on your self and what you value. We get bored, we turn to Instagram, be aware, be present. Open your mind and find an alternative. Imagination rules the world⚡️”

The move was applauded by influencer giants including Gypsea Lust’s Lauren Bullen and Hannah Polites, with Lauren commenting: “??✨ so true!” while Hannah added: “So true gorgeous ?”.

This week also saw Eleanor Pendleton reveal in her Insta Stories that she was putting the phone down for her sister-in-law (to-be’s) wedding so she could really enjoy it and be really “present” in the moment.

All images: @madelinejoyrelph

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