All Dominique Elissa’s health and beauty secrets

Since stumbling across and interviewing model influencer Dominique Elissa Faludi mid last year, we’ve become a little obsessed with both her Insti feed and Insta Stories as she gives us sneaky peeks into the behind-the-scenes action of her rather hectic work life.

With daily shoots in often different parts of the country, the last six months must have seen Dominique notch up a pretty impressive tally of frequent flyer points. But despite the full schedule, it doesn’t seem to have played havoc on either her enviable body or glowing skin. So just how does she manage it?

Below, we chat to Dominique Elissa on everything from exercise regimes to her day on a plate to what’s in her makeup bag…

You have a pretty incredible figure! Can you talk me through your typical exercise regime?
I always make fitness and health a priority. Even if I wasn’t a model, I just like feeling good and feeling strong and energetic. In a usual week, I would do yoga every day – even if I’m not in a studio, just in my room or a hotel room; I do half an hour or an hour. If I can get to my usual studio in Bondi Junction, I do a hot vinyasa – I think it’s the best thing for you, your mind, your body… just everything. I also absolutely love reformer pilates, I think that’s amazing. I used to do a lot of HIIT training and boxing and intense cardio, but I personally have found for my own body shape (I am quite petite naturally) I need to do a lot of toning instead of high intensity fat burning – otherwise my body just becomes like a little kid!

What about healthy eating… what does a usual day on a plate look like for you?
For breakfast, I usually have gluten-free muesli with cut-up banana, Bonsoy soy milk, and a teaspoon of peanut butter – I love peanut butter! I will probably have an apple between breakfast and lunch. For lunch, I’ll maybe have a tuna salad with a hard boiled egg and brown rice. For dinner, I love tofu – so I usually put some tofu on the pan with some sriracha and have that with some green broccoli and rice. And every night before I go to bed, I have two pieces of 70% dark chocolate. If I have that, I always eat a lot healthier during the day because I know I have a little treat at the end of the day.

If we emptied out your makeup bag, what would we find?
Ugh, I hate makeup! But if I have to put on makeup… well, today for example I’ve had castings and meetings so I put on Napoleon Perdis skin primer in gold, then I put on a Nars foundation, the Sportsgirl bronzer, and I use a Bare Minerals blush. Then, always since I was young, my favourite thing to do is to put white eyeliner in my tear line. I’ll also brush my brows with a gel and just some mascara – it does make a difference and makes me feel a lot more confident. But 100%, on a day off I believe let your skin breathe because the more you get used to yourself without makeup, the more you’ll find the beauty in it. Two years ago, I used to wear makeup all the time, but now [I recommend to] just embrace your natural beauty and don’t worry about putting all that stuff on your skin.

I think in Australia we’ve now begun embracing the natural look more and more…
Totally! To me, honestly it’s hot here and I hate that I’m wearing makeup because I just want the sun to be on my skin – I don’t want this layer on.

What about fashion – when you’re not on a job, what items would we find you wearing?
I’m definitely a flares and boots girl, it’s my go-to all the time. I love off the shoulder tops, ones with long sleeves, striped tops… In winter, I love vintage coats. Last year I got a vintage Kenneth Cole one, such a steal – like $30 bucks! I’m really into vintage and I just love being comfortable – that’s my ideal.

And just lastly, when you’re not working – what can we find you doing?
That’s a rare day! On a day I’m not working… I wake up very early naturally, I always have, so I get up and put my gym wear on, get a muesli bar, and go for a walk or do yoga. I’ll come home, make some lunch, meet friends. I really love seeing friends and just really appreciate girl time – I love getting all the girls over for lunch, seeing each other is really special. And then in the afternoon, I might go for another walk or do a yoga class.

In my days off I do really like to train. Some weeks I can go days without training, so I like to train a lot [when I get the time] and I love to cook. As a model, you’re always eating what’s given to you on shoots and then you’ll get some room service or something because you’re tired – so I really love just making my own buddha bowls and nourish bowls. Reading, relaxing and actually going to bed before 9 – that’s what I love doing!

All images: @dominiquelissa

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