All Belen Hostalet’s photography tips and tricks revealed

In our eyes, lifestyle influencer Belen Hostalet can do no wrong. Every picture makes us a) want to travel to exotic places and b) track her down and steal her suitcase (hmmm, “borrow” might be a better choice of wording here). The good news is that Belen is now sharing all her photography techniques and equipment via a new Instagram account: @beleninraw. And we are that excited.

Posting on the new account, Belen revealed: “Sharing my passion. Sharing my camera settings. Sharing. Sharing. #shareyourlove”. She also did a shout-out about it on her main account, announcing “Check my new photography profile @beleninraw where I will be sharing some of my hidden treasures, camera settings, some editing tips, the photos I personally take and my continuous learning work.”

Shooting with a Sony Alpha 7RII camera, Belen’s F-Stop of choice appears to be 2.8 while she often shoots using a 35 mm lens. While the account doesn’t talk about filters, we suspect this is because Belen is similar to many bloggers and uses her own Lightroom settings to edit the pics (although we could be wrong about this!)

Below we take a look at some the exact camera settings she’s used for posts appearing on her main account.

F2,8, 1/3200seg, ISO 125, 35mm


F5,0, 1/3200 seg, ISO 320, 35mm


F2,8, 1/8000seg, ISO 200, 26mm


F2,8, 1/1600seg, ISO80, 35mm

Main image: @belenhostalet. All other images: @beleninraw

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