About Husskie


The brainchild of experienced editor Yelena Fairfax, Husskie is a lifestyle news website that gives you a glimpse into the lives, wardrobes, career secrets, and beauty cupboards of top influencers. Husskie takes a look at what life is like behind the camera (or iPhone).

“I’m thrilled to invite you into the world of Husskie. A place where, similar to a pack of husky pups, we embody the idea of working together, learning from each other, and empowering one another. I hope you are able to come to Husskie and be inspired by the lives and careers of Instabloggers and content creators, be influenced by their style and motivations, and be informed on their industry-insider tips and tricks. Thank you for being a part of the Husskie pack,” – Yelena.

About Yelena
Yelena launched Husskie in 2016 after deciding it was time to bring her authentic vision to life. Before Husskie, Yelena spent over 12 years in the publishing industry, working in various roles including Editor of Bauer Media’s BEAUTYDIRECTORY and Fashion Editor at OK! Magazine.

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