A guide to Base Body Babes’ Day on a Plate & exercise regimes

Base Body Babes co-founders Felicia Oreb and Diana Johnson are among the OGs of the Australian fitness influencing scene. Inspiring women (and men) across the nation to get fit and strong, Felicia and Diana have formed a powerful voice in the digital health space – with over 630K Instagram followers tuning in to their daily workout and health tips.

And while we here at Husskie have been following Base Body Babes since around the time we first downloaded the Instagram app, we wanted to hear directly from the girls on just what we could expect to see from a typical day on their plate and weekly exercise regimes.

After taking a circuit class with the girls organised by Revlon (to demonstrate how the brand’s new ColorStay Full Cover Foundation could even endure a sweaty fitness class with two of the best in the biz), we pulled Felicia and Diana aside to talk all things food and fitness.

Felicia: We both eat reasonably similar. We both love our eggs – so every morning we start our day with eggs, whether it be scrambled or poached or boiled. We have that with two slices of gluten-free toast and organic butter. We also like a tablespoon of sauerkraut, baby spinach and some mixed cherry tomatoes.
Diana: I wake up earlier, so I tend to eat a little bit earlier. My first meal of the day is around 8 o’clock…
Felicia: But let’s get this right – her first anything is not food, it’s a long black!
Diana: A long black with a dash of almond milk, I have that at about 6 o’clock in the morning.
Felicia: I do school drop off with my daughter and then about 9.15am, I’m eating. I’m a later starter in the day.

Morning Tea
Diana: Genuinely we’ve trained by morning tea time, so we’ll have a protein shake.
Felicia: We like a protein smoothie – probably our favourite is a green smoothie.
Diana: At the moment we’re both loving the Bare Blends plant-based protein in vanilla and coconut, it’s really delicious. So we’ll do 30 grams of protein with 2 cubes of frozen spinach, half a frozen banana, 6 ice cubes, a pinch of cinnamon, and coconut water or water. And don’t forget, a date to zhoosh that up – and that’s a perfect post-workout shake.

Felicia: Lunchtime is genuinely just a portion of protein – whether it be fish, chicken… although we’re both not that into chicken, a piece of red meat, sometimes if we’re in a rush we’ll have tuna – then salad and some rice. A little bit of carbohydrate, a little bit of veggies, a little bit of protein.

Felicia: In the afternoon, we’ll have a little snack – whether that be some berries or some nuts.
Diana: We like to have a portion of protein with every meal. I like to have a rice cake with some tuna and avocado and fresh tomato – that’s a nice afternoon snack.

Felicia: Dinner is similar to lunch. And then for dessert, I have a massive sweet tooth. I love carob chocolate. It’s sugar-free – so I can have a couple of little squares of that with peppermint tea and that generally does me before bed time. That’s not every night, but I do love that if I’m ever craving something sweet. I also like a bit of fruit.
Diana: Rice cakes with peanut butter and honey – that is my go-to treat.

Diana: I have a few long blacks throughout the day. I do try not to have more than 3 coffees a day and I try and not have the last one any time after 3pm or I’m a bit too wired.

Diana: We usually train 4-5 times a week, sometimes 6 depending on our schedule. Our sessions last any time from an hour to 2 hours – depending on what we’re doing. We do a combination of strength days and circuit days – so the circuit days tend to be a little bit faster than the strength days. The strength days are longer because you lift a little bit heavier and the sessions are slower.
Felicia: All our sessions are based around weights training – we don’t like to run, personally. If girls love to run, then great – by all means go and do it, but no, our training revolves around weight training and then any additional training we get through our circuit style training. But we love walks – Diana walks every morning to go get coffee with her four dogs.
Diana: The start of my morning ritual is to get up at 5am and take my puppies for a walk to go get my coffee at 6am.
Felicia: We love walking, and if we’re going to do any extra cardio – we like things like more explosive movements such as going for sprints, stair sprints, boxing, skipping… things like that.

All images: Base Body Babes

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