A peek inside Lovely Pepa’s new LA office space

Call us snoopy, but the Husskie team loves nothing more than taking a peek inside people’s homes, makeup bags, closets, offices… definitely offices. We just can’t get enough. Which is why when Lovely Pepa digital influencer and creative Alexandra Pereira recently gave a glimpse into her new office space in LA, we were quick to take a peek inside.

While we have only been given privy to one corner of the space, from what we’ve seen it’s a largely lush, lofty affair, emanating more homely vibes than a desk-job situ. Let’s just say we’re almost ready to move in… 

With not a slate grey colour scheme or trace of dream-killing decor in sight, the office hosts a white backdrop complete with fluffy throw-overs, timber tailoring, green touches, and Marrakesh-esque rugs.

“I’ve obsessed about doing a photoshoot in our work space because it has a gorgeous light and although it is far from being properly decorated, there are already a bunch of cool elements that give [it] its own vibe,” says Alexandra. “Long story short, I was more than ready to start playing.”

Alexandra is clad in Lovely Pepa clothing staples, ASOS jeans and glorious YSL sneakers, rocking a chic take on workwear that marries perfectly with the new surrounds. 

All images via: Lovely Pepa | Words by: Genevieve Phelan

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