A Day On A Plate with The Fit Foodie Blog’s Sally O’Neil

The Fit Foodie Blog is a pretty apt handle for Sally O’Neil. She’s an uber active, healthy-eating pocket rocket, with a keen eye for styling and photography – hence why that Insty of hers looks so bloody good. And she hasn’t stopped there…

Proving to be a marathon runner of the health scene, this gal has pioneered a range of DIY protein balls dubbed @fit_mixes, and somehow managed to also make a dazzling foray into authorship with her recipe bible Love Me Eat (not to mention her lightroom presets and photography courses… yep, marathoning is right).

It’s only natural to question what this over-achiever puts into her temple of a body on the daily. Here we chat to Sally about her health and exercise regime (while having a drool over her Day On A Plate)… Enjoy!

I start my morning with a black espresso and jump into my gym clothes. It gives me a little boost when I’m working out and keeps me alert for the morning ahead.

When I get back from the gym at around 8am, I’m straight into a protein shake. My current favourite is Salted Caramel (recipe is in my free 7-day Super Smoothie eBook)  OR, if I’m not super hungry, I’ll opt for 40g vanilla pea protein, water and ice.

I shower / get dressed and think about brekkie. I love overnight oats (my favourite Brownie Batter version is here). If I haven’t been prepped enough to make oats the night before, I’ll usually have Chobani yogurt with berries, stevia, cinnamon and a handful of nuts. So damn good.

For snack time I’ll usually have a few boiled eggs with sea salt, or a protein bar if I’m on-the-go. I try not to skip snacks because I like to eat smaller but regular meals – for me, it keeps my blood sugar happy.

Lunch is often a large salad with lean protein and some avocado. Chicken, tuna, barramundi or tofu are my faves, but I’ll have more eggs if the mood takes me. I’m not one for limiting eggs – they’re incredibly nutritious and delicious to boot.

I usually finish with some mints because I have a terrible sweet tooth. If I don’t have mints, I’d probably be reaching for a dessert I wasn’t really hungry for!

Almond dandelion latte and some raspberries with Fit Mixes or a tablespoon of peanut butter.

5:30 / 6pm
I’m so fortunate to have a chef as a boyfriend. He keeps the fridge stocked with delicious food, so when it comes to dinner I just assemble stuff rather than cook. I love Asian food, so turkey lettuce cups are often on my plate – or salmon with tamari, green veggies and lemon.

Before bed, I love warm milk. I’m a bit of a child that way, but I’m sure it helps me sleep. I’ll usually have almond milk heated with some cacao powder.

I don’t count calories, so my portions vary from day-to-day depending on my hunger levels. I’m trying to eat more intuitively and listen to my body rather than eat at set meal times. If I feel like heaving breakfast at dinner, I’ll do it. Food freedom is the name of the game here. No rules or restrictions, just awesome quality food, plenty of movement, fresh air and sunshine!

All images via: The Fit Foodie Blog | Words by Genevieve Phelan

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