A day in the life of Zander Shine in Los Angeles

This isn’t the first time we’ve had Zander Shine on Husskie… and we’re hoping it’s not the last. The successful footballer/surfer-turned adventure content creator is one of those people that you just can’t help wanting to chat to more thanks to his passionate energy (and awesome prowess when it comes to producing lifestyle content).

With Zander moving from Arizona State to Los Angeles in 2017, we decided to track him down to find out just what he gets up to on a regular day in his life cruising the streets of LA…

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Early rise as the sun is coming up, grab my surfboard, make sure there is fresh wax on it, and head out into the ocean in Santa Monica.

Time to sit on the beach and meditate for 15 minutes before getting a hot coffee and clearing my mind for the day ahead.

Cruise down the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) blaring my favourite songs currently. I tend to Snapchat or story regularly, especially whenever I’m outdoors and enjoying the beaches here in sunny Los Angeles.

Get home and take a hot shower, then make my morning green smoothie (secret ingredient) green spirulina.

Check emails and take care of any work I need to get done on my laptop before heading out for the day.

12pm – 3pm
Time to get changed and start getting the day started. I lift at the gym with some friends of mine, film content for YouTube, shoot for an apparel company & grab a poke bowl from my favourite spot in Los Angeles.

Check my emails and social media during a quick film break.

Arrive at Venice Beach – one of my favorite places in Los Angeles – to film some extra content and hang out with my friends.

Stay to enjoy the beautiful sunset.

Time to prepare organic home-cooked dinner with my beautiful girlfriend and unwind.

Chill time. I usually end my day by listening to my favourite artists on iTunes and watching TV with my girl.

I try to get to sleep relatively early since I usually am up running around all day. I usually don’t end up going to sleep until midnight.

All images: Zander Shine

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