A day in the life of Study With Jess creator Jessica Holsman Serry

After graduating from a Postgraduate Degree in Psychology from Deakin University in 2014, Jessica Holsman Serry decided to launch her YouTube platform Study with Jess as a way to help inspire and motivate students across the globe to get the most out of school and university. Fast forward to 2018, and not only does Jess have a successful YouTube channel and Instagram account – but she’s also founded educational stationery line Educationery as well as penned her first book ‘The High School Survival Guide’. Go getter? You betcha.

With a daily schedule juggling all these different ventures (plus, you know, fitting time in to do all the normal things like see her husband), we were keen to track Jess down to find out just what she gets up to on a regular day in her life…

Woke up before my alarm with the natural sunlight and head into the kitchen to make a cup of tea.

Time to sit on the couch and meditate for 15 minutes before writing a couple of pages in my journal and clearing my mind for the day ahead.

Breakfast time! Vegemite and avo on buckwheat toast has been a go-to for me lately!

Check Instagram and reply to my followers. I don’t really have a set time when I post – but I tend to story regularly, especially whenever I’m outdoors and enjoying the beaches here in sunny Sydney.

Lace up my runners and throw on my active wear to go for a walk to the post office and complete a couple of errands. It’s always good to get these things out of the way first thing!

Make a snack and check my emails and YouTube channel. One of my favourite things about my work as an influencer is responding to emails from my viewers and getting back to comments on my most recent YouTube videos.

Time to get changed and do my hair and makeup for filming!

12pm -3pm
I usually film at home by myself, but today I headed out to do some filming with TheStoryBoxes for a documentary web series about mental health which I’m featured in. It’s going to be released on my channel in the coming months and I am so excited!
P.S. I managed to squeeze in a little lunch break somewhere in here!

Last check of my emails and social media during a quick film break.

Arrive at Bronte Beach – my favourite spot in Sydney – to film some extra scenes for the documentary web series.

Stay to enjoy the beautiful sunset.

Time to prepare dinner with my beautiful husband Adam! Our go-to quick and healthy meal lately has been pasta with a vegetable sauce that’s filled with all the good stuff including pumpkin, tomato, spinach, olives, mushrooms and lots of spices.

Tea time! I usually end my days with a cup of tea and wind down by watching TV and reading a few pages of my latest book.

Lights out. All the filming and running around can be tiring to I try to prioritise a good night’s sleep.

All images: Study with Jess

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  1. Abhinav says:

    Awesome. Jessica is a amazing YouTuber and an inspiring personality for everyone.If there’s a word to praise her , it would be Infinity.

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