A day in the life of PR boss Roxy Jacenko

When it comes to PR in Australia, there is not a chance you could miss the name Roxy Jacenko – the founder and director of one of the country’s leading PR companies, Sweaty Betty PR and digital talent agency The Ministry of Talent. And while she’s someone that people just love to have an opinion about, there is no argument that Roxy is one hell of a PR boss. Launching Sweaty Betty 12 years ago, the company now turns over $10 million a year – with The Ministry of Talent turning over $3 million.

But if that wasn’t enough to keep her busy, Roxy is also book author, brand developer (Pixies Bows), and seminar speaker – she’s soon holding her third “In Conversation” seminar on April 28 at The Westin in Sydney (more details below). Oh, and sorry, I believe I forgot to mention that she’s also responsible for two children – Pixie and Hunter.

And while we did feel kind of bad asking Roxy to squeeze us into her already packed-to-the-brim day, our curiosity got the better of us – and we just had to ask if she’d be able to give us a quick rundown of “a day in her life”. As per usual, Roxy was happy to help. And that’s exactly why she is where she is today – the leading force behind a multi-million dollar business empire representing some of the globe’s leading brands…

4am: Woke up with ideas for the builder – our HQ is still being finished… what can I say, sometimes my brilliant ideas come at in the middle of the night!

5:30am: Alarm off, quick shower before hair and makeup – I have a radio interview this morning so an early start. I’m typically up at 6am to get going with the kids.

6am: Hair and makeup whilst trying to feed Pixie and Hunter their breakfast – utter chaos like every household in the morning.

6:45am: Out the door after getting Pixie’s hair sorted for school and running through their day with their nanny.

7:30am: CBD radio interview on my work in PR and upcoming seminar in April.

8am: Straight into the office with the team, answering emails and getting my day sorted. With a few meetings later, I have a heap to download to the team and delegate before we have media drops and events later that day.

9:30am: Coffee meeting with a current client to review an upcoming event we have with them.

10:30am – 2pm: Emails, calls and work back in the office – no long lunches for me!!

2pm: Out the door to visit Hunter’s school for an art show he has; It’s hard to juggle everything but I love to visit him when I can and see his current artworks… Picasso in the making. Ha!

3pm: Site visit meeting for one of our clients to run through their event.

4pm – 6pm: Back in the office again to discuss a campaign we are launching next week, and send off emails before grabbing my laptop and heading home.

6:15pm: Made it home before the nanny leaves for the day, attempting to cook for the kids, although they plead with me to order take out… what can I say – I can’t be good at everything!

7pm: Bedtime stories with Hunter – attempting to get him to go to bed.

7:30pm: Hunter is still awake, so I decide to let him play with Pixie and I while I send a few emails, prepare their bags for the next day, and lay out my outfits and everything I need for tomorrow.

8pm: Hunter and Pixie finally in bed, back on the laptop replying to clients.

10:30pm: Attempt to go to bed #1.

11pm: Finally asleep after I put the iPhone away as it had 2 per cent battery left!!

Roxy will be discussing her top tips, tricks and trade secrets in building your brand and integrating social media and PR at the “In Conversation” seminar at The Westin on April 28. Click here for tickets.

All images: @roxyjacenko

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