A day in the life of beauty vlogger Chloe Morello

With 2.6 million YouTube subscribers and 1.1 million Instagram followers, we feel pretty comfortable in naming Chloe Morello amongst the queens of the global beauty digital space. Vlogging since 2012, Chloe is one of Australia’s OG beauty YouTubers – with her channel and social media platforms long seeing her a highly sought after commodity on the international stage.

With her latest project seeing Chloe create her own limited-edition brow kit with Benefit, we were lucky enough to attend the launch of the Chloe’s Brow Wardrobe late last week – where we had the chance to pull the beauty content creator aside for a little one-on-one chat.

Bringing some of that self-deprecating humour she’s famous for, we grab Chloe for a quick update on her Day in a Life plus all her beauty and health rules…

Can you talk me through a regular day in your life?
I like to plan my days in the morning – so I like to wake up around 7am-8am and talk to my husband about what’s happening that day. We’ll go to the gym first and then come back and I’ll shower and wash my hair – I have to do my hair before I film. I will film most days – whether that’s an Instagram video, taking photos for my Instagram, or filming YouTube videos – so I have to wash and style my hair before I do that. Honestly, it takes like an hour to get ready to film! Then I have to clean up my makeup room because it’s a pigsty and I have so much makeup…

I’ll then scroll through my Instagram – get inspiration on what’s hot and what’s trending and check my comments. I’ve got a list as well of what I want to film, and then I’ll start filming for the day. Normally it takes about 3 hours to film and take photos for the content, and then another 6-8 hours to edit it. We won’t always edit on the same day – we might have events on that evening or in the daytime. I’ve also often got meetings with my management.

I try to go to bed around 9.30, sometimes I end up going to bed at 3am. My audience is international, so sometimes if I have a job that’s on American time – I’ll go to bed at 4am… or I might not even go to bed!

Do you live on coffee?!
I have a lot of coffee, yes! I like black coffees or soy lattes.

And do you get time to break for meals?!
Of course! I’ll always eat breakfast, lunch and dinner and I drink 3 litres of water a day.

Do you have any health rules you stick by?
I take beauty supplements – I drink a lot of liquid collagen. I don’t care if I pee it out, as long as some of it’s getting in there!

What about beauty, what are your top rules when it comes to that?
I’m pretty stringent with my skincare. I cleanse in the morning with my Face Halo. At night time, I double cleanse with a cleanser – I take care of my skin so that when I put my makeup on, it looks the best. And SPF everyday!

You’ve just launched the Chloe’s Brow Wardrobe with Benefit. Do you feel like your brows are pretty important when it comes to beauty?
When people ask “what is the one product that you couldn’t live without?”, it would probably be an eyebrow product. If I could pick two products, it would be a light foundation and the brows. Brows are the key.

With your Brow Wardrobe, you’ve included your hero products. How did you choose which products would feature in the brow kit?
When I was working with Benefit, I pretty much walked in there knowing what I wanted because I’ve been a fan of the brand for so many years. I knew that I needed to have the Precisely, My Brow Pencil and GimmeBrow+ in there because I use those products all the time. Also Ka-Brow is another product that I LOVE when I’m wearing a more polished chic eyebrow for nighttime. I knew I wanted those three products, and then I had to add High Brow Glow Pencil because I thought it’s the perfect pairing to my favourite products – it adds a highlight to the brow bone.

All images feature Chloe Morello at the Benefit Chloe’s Brow Wardrobe launch.

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