50 Questions with Xkflyaway’s Xavier & Katie Ritzi

Xkflyaway Xavier & Katie Ritzi

Living out of a suitcase since January, anyone following the epic journeys of Xkflyaway‘s Xavier and Katie Ritzi have watched as the two travel through a myriad of places – including Greece, Sri Lanka, Bali, Japan, Thailand, Egypt, India, Morocco, Bahamas… and that’s just this year.

Capturing it all on Instagram along the way, it’s this feed full of bucket list places to visit and endless dreamy images that had us wanting to track the couple down to hit them up for our latest ‘Fast 50’. Here, we talk to Katie Ritzi about everything from spending too much time on Instagram to life as a full-time influencer.

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Xkflyaway Xavier & Katie Ritzi

1. Best beauty/grooming product of all time? I love Bare Minerals powder – looks so beautiful on the skin
2. Five beauty/grooming products you can’t live without? Chapstick, baby powder for the hair, mascara, Bare Minerals powder, coconut oil, Clean & Clear makeup remover wipes
3. Favourite fragrance? La Vie est Belle by Lancôme
4. Favourite item of clothing? I just got a new pair of Dita sunglasses – they are so cute!
5. Favourite fashion brand? I really love the look of @spell_byronbay – so effortless and chic
6. Shoes or bare feet? Barefoot of course!
7. Gym or exercising outdoors? I usually do a lot of hiking when we travel, more fun that way
8. Yoga or running? Yoga – gotta stay balanced
9. Healthy eating or treating yourself? I usually eat healthy – but we give ourselves cheat days every week. Can’t say no to a good hamburger!
10. Can you cook? Yes! I love to cook for Xavier and he likes to clean… so it works out perfectly

Xkflyaway Xavier & Katie Ritzi

11. Favourite food? I love French Fries! Especially from McDonalds
12. Favourite drink? A good glass of ice water with 4 lemon wedges to squeeze in
13. Best place to eat out? I love going to ethnic restaurants and trying new things
14. Happiest moment? Getting married to Xavier
15. Saddest moment? Saying goodbye to our animals when we left on our world trip. We miss them every single day and can’t wait to see them again
16. Instagram or Snapchat? Instagram
17. Blog or YouTube? We love YouTube
18. Iphone or camera? We use both
19. Type of camera? We have a Canon 6D full frame camera that we use for our shots
20. VSCO cam or Snapseed? Neither, we edit all photos on Lightroom

Xkflyaway Xavier & Katie Ritzi

21. Facetune or untouched? Not sure what Facetune is so I guess not that!
22. Favourite filter? We don’t use filters
23. 9-5 job or full-time influencer? Full-time influencer
24. How did you first get your start in influencing? When we quit our jobs to travel full-time we got into Instagram to share our journeys. Since then it’s become full-time influencing
25. How much time goes into a normal picture found on your Instagram account? Lots of time!
26. How much time do you spend on Instagram a day in general? Depends on the day – but we always try to spend as much time as possible. There are so many inspirational accounts out there!
27. What’s your top Instagram tip? Love what you do and put effort into everything – the rest will come
28. Who takes your pics? Usually Xavier takes the pics or we use a tripod with a timer
29. Career highlight since being an influencer? Being able to travel the world
30. Career lowlight since being an influencer? Sometimes you doubt yourself creatively

Xkflyaway Xavier & Katie Ritzi

31. Best campaign you’ve ever worked on? Daniel Wellington
32. The best gift you’ve ever received as an influencer? Mantra bracelets by @mantraband – I got to pick different ‘mantras’ I live by every day. I love stacking the silver, gold, and rose gold bracelets with my favourite mantras!
33. Last thing you googled? Hmmm… weather in Valais, Switzerland
34. Favourite film? ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ for sure
35. Favourite book? ‘The Secret’
36. Favourite song? Anything from Bob Marley
37. Favourite band? The Doors
38. Living in the city or living by the beach? Beach
39. Favourite travel destination? Greece
40. Going out clubbing or quiet dinner with friends? Dinner with Xavier

Xkflyaway Xavier & Katie Ritzi

41. Partner or single? Married
42. Siblings? 2 sisters, 1 brother
43. What city are you currently living in? Living on the road since January
44. Celebrity girl crush? Angelina Jolie
45. Celebrity boy crush? Leo DiCap
46. Pets? 1 dog, 1 cat
47. Top five Instagram accounts to follow? Too many to count
48. Favourite quote you live by? “La Vie est belle” – I have it tattooed on my arm
49. Top career tip? Always believe in yourself
50. Where will you in five year’s time? On a beach somewhere

Xkflyaway Xavier & Katie Ritzi

All images: @xkflyaway

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    Travel the world and their favorite food is McDonald’s french fries. LOL! Yep, that says about all you need to know about these narcassistic mirror in the everywhere surface swimmers.

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