50 Questions with Polabur’s Polina Burashnikova

Originally from Russia but now naming Amsterdam her home, Polabur creator Polina Burashnikova’s heavily stamped passport continues to deliver endless backdrops of wanderlust to the ‘gram. With recent influencer trips to Grasse with Le Labo Fragrances and Venice with Estée Lauder conjuring imaginings of an endless escape, we were intrigued to chat to her about life behind the feed.

Grabbing the travel influencer for our latest Fast 50, we queried Polina on everything from how she got her first big break on Instagram to the biggest misconceptions about her life and career.

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1. Best beauty product of all time? They’re Real! mascara by Benefit
2. Five beauty products you can’t live without? Concealer, lipstick, blush, brow pencil, mascara
3. Hair “done” or messy? Something in between
4. Favourite fragrance? Narcotic V by Nasomatto
5. Favourite item of clothing? Denim jacket
6. Favourite fashion brand? Sandro
7. Gym or exercising outdoors? At home
8. Healthy eating or treating yourself? I really love healthy food – so it feels like treating myself 🙂
9. Can you cook? Yes!
10. Favourite food to indulge in? Sushiii

11. First thing you pick from the minibar? Never actually use the minibar
12. Best place to eat out? Somewhere with a beautiful view
13. Happiest moment? When around the family
14. Saddest moment? When my grandma passed away
15. Blog or YouTube? YouTube
16. Iphone or camera? Iphone
17. Type of camera? Canon 70D
18. Facetune or untouched? Edited for sure, not necessarily with Facetune
19. Lightroom or VSCO? Lightroom is the best!
20. Favourite filter? Too many to choose from

21. Favourite way to edit pics? Bright and colourful
22. 9-5 job or full-time influencer? Full-time influencer
23. How did you first get your start in Instablogging? I downloaded Instagram back in 2010/11 and started taking it seriously around 2014. When I had 8000 followers, I was suggested by Instagram and it really helped me a lot (I got 20k more followers in a week!)
24. How much time goes into a normal picture found on your Instagram account? Not so much to take the photo, but mostly to edit
25. What’s your top Instagram tip? Clean your camera lens!
26. Who takes your pics? Depends, but most of the time it is my husband, my mother or my closest friends
27. Career highlight since being an influencer? There has been too many amazing experiences, but probably 2 weeks of exploring Indonesia last summer with Wonderful Indonesia
28. Career lowlight since being an influencer? Comparing yourself too much to others
29. Best campaign you’ve ever worked on? Dior Love chain
30. Worst thing that’s happened to you on a photo shoot? Can’t think of anything too bad!

31. The best gift you’ve ever received as an influencer? My followers!
32. Last thing you googled? ‘When did Instagram come out’
33. Favourite film? “Some Like It Hot”
34. Favourite book? “Great Expectations”
35. Favourite song? DVSN – “Mood”
36. Living in the city or living by the beach? Always a city girl, but love to be by the beach as well
37. Favourite travel destination? Australia
38. Most Instagram-worthy spot? Any corner in London
39. Top three essentials to pack when traveling? Phone, wallet, passport
40. Going out clubbing or quiet dinner with friends? Dinner with friends!

41. Partner or single? Husband
42. Siblings? An older brother
43. What city are you currently living in? Amsterdam
44. Celebrity crush? Emma Stone
45. Pets? Dreaming of a doggie…
46. What is your best asset? The support of the loved ones
47. Biggest misconception about you and your job? That it is all a dream and there are no struggles
48. Top five Instagram accounts to follow? @tezzamb, @prettycitylondon, @taramilktea, @helloemilie, @coffeecupsaroundtheworld
49. Favourite quote you live by? “C’est la vie”
50. Top career tip? Be patient, no matter what you do, if you do it well – people will notice

All images: Polabur

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