5 minutes with Pepamack on the influencer life

Since digital beginnings in 2014, Petra from Pepamack’s unique styling and aesthetic has been gaining a fast following across the globe. Delivering a luxe aesthetic to streetwear, Petra’s penchant for denim and minimalistic shirting has captured the attention of over 580K Instagram followers.

To find out more about her life behind the feed, we sit down with Petra for a quick about typical days, favourite influencer aspects, and top advice.

How would you describe your job in your own words?
The dream job!

Can you talk me through a typical day in your life?
First thing in the morning I take my dog out for a walk and we go for coffee and breakfast. I love to start my day with emails to get them answered before the day really starts. If I’m shooting, I always wait until the afternoon when natural lighting is better. I usually finish work around 7pm and after that I spend most of the time with my boyfriend.

What’s your favourite aspect about being an influencer?
It’s the freedom. I make my own decisions, schedules, and routines. To me, being an influencer in the end really means being yourself – your lifestyle has become your work.

Pepamack wearing new brand Vestire

What do you find most challenging?
I’m not very good at socialising!

What’s your top advice for someone wanting to become an influencer?
Being an influencer has many aspects and it really depends on what you are good at and what your message is. Focus on having a point of difference so your content is not similar (or the same!) as other influencers. The influencer space has changed a lot and there seems to be many of what I refer to as “influencer communities” – where a lot of feeds are quite similar in terms of styling, filters, and content production. To transfer your hobby to a full-time job simply means to start to do your hobby everyday… My advice is try it and then you’ll see!

All images: Pepamack

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