2018’s favourite influencer fashion trends revealed

With 2019 right around the corner, we’re all wondering what quirks it’s going to greet us with, what events may turn into memes, and what weird online challenges we may face that would overtake, say, the “In my feelings” challenge. But most importantly, what fashion trends that may take heavy borrowings from the past will be set to greet us.

But before we move onto all that, we’re taking a look back at all the influencer fashion trends that took on 2018 – from the weird to the wonderful…

Fur Coats
Fur coats took the stage this year for their fluffy flair. From plush faux to fearless fakes, fur stole our hearts and warmed them up.
Seen on: Tara Milk Tea, Leonie Hanne, Lucy Williams

Image credit: Leonie Hanne

Pool Slides
Pool slides became a hit, and it didn’t even need Kanye’s help (though we have to admit, he did help its reputation). This statement introduced edgy to casual and we couldn’t get enough of them.
Seen on: Tori Levett, Andi Csinger, Kaity Modern

Image credit: Andi Csinger

Linen made its statement in 2018 with minimalist styles and cuts that could never go wrong. Nothing’s more simple and stylish than a linen beach dress for that everyday “I woke up like this” look.
Seen on: Saasha Burns, Talisa Sutton, NYC Bambi

Image credit: Saasha Burns

We were all a little greedier for a little more glimmer this year. Iridescence was of the essence when it came to keeping up with the trends. Glitter, especially silver holo was on everyone’s list.
Seen on: Susie Bubble, Retro Flame, Chiara Ferragni

Image credit: Susie Bubble

Side Stripe Pants
The simple red stripe took us to a new world of chic. Who knew such a casual piece could make our legs look so long, so fabulous, and yet so sporty all at the same time. We’re loving it and have no doubt we haven’t seen the last of this trend.
Seen on: Pau Dictado, Alexis Ren, Indy Clinton

Image credit: Pau Dictado

Cat Eye Sunglasses
These hot new shades have us purring for more and points us right to the road of absolute glam. Its polished point gives that sassy look we all love to flaunt.
Seen on: Blair Eadie Bee, Laura Jade Stone, Song of Style

Image credit: Song of Style

Bishop Sleeves
Why we love this billowy sleeve is no question at all. It makes us feel strong and elegant with almost no effort. Its bell-like cut ensures there’s power in our poses.
Seen on: Tezza, Belen Hostalet, Harper and Harley

Image credit: Harper and Harley

Chunky Platform Sneakers
A revamped version of our everyday sneakers, these platforms pack power in our parade down the streets and had us embracing our inner Spice Girl.
Seen on: Cartia Mallan, Tammy Hembrow, Negin Mirsalehi

Image credit: Negin Mirsalehi

Tube Tops
Simple, plain and easy to pair, tube tops peaked the fashion needs of many style icons, giving us the opportunity to show what we’ve got. No matter what our size, we always looked good and we know the tube’s got our back.
Seen on: Mishti Rahman, Caro Daur, Elisha Herbert

Image credit: Mishti Rahman

Yellow Everything
This sunshiny shade brought us all smiles and taught us to be bold. The vibrant sensation made any outfit a touch more exotic and colourful.
Seen on: Sincerely Jules, Madi Edwards, Yan Yan Chan

Image credit: Sincerely Jules

Main image: Song of Style

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