10 Western Australian lifestyle influencers you need to be following

With Australia producing some inspirational influencers recognised on a global level – we thought we’d start shining a spotlight on a few different areas of the country to highlight what each has to offer. First stop, Western Australia.

Home to some of the greats (and we’re not just talking excellent wine regions and white sandy beaches), Western Australia has been producing some of Australia’s finest digital talent since blogging and Instablogging first became a thing.

Below, we take a look at some of the OGs and the up-and-coming influencers from Western Australia making waves across our IG feeds…

1. Oracle Fox | Amanda Shadforth | 810K
Would this list even be complete without Amanda? Artist, photographer, stylist, and creative director, Oracle Fox is a must-visit destination for the design inclined.

2. Haylsa | Hayley Andersen | 215K
When she’s not travelling the world capturing the blues and sandstones from Italy to India, Hayley calls Western Australia home. And whether she’s home or away, every photo has us wanting to jump into the frame with her.

3. Lion In The Wild | Kiara King | 212K
Beginning Lion in The Wild in 2011, what began as a creative outlet soon led to becoming a full-time job of conceptualising, developing, refining, producing and sharing for Kiara. And for us – the obsessive scrolling begun.

4. Beige Renegade | Jiawa Liu | 204K
Beige but definitely not boring, Jiawa’s edgy approach to the sartorial has us wanting to push boundaries with our style and have a little fun with fashion.

5. Ashleigh D’Mello | 76.8K
After graduating from University with a Bachelor of Law / Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing & PR), Ashleigh began using fashion blogging as a way of expressing her creative side. Now, her Instagram has become a daily destination for outfit inspo.

6. A Minute Away from Snowing | Michelle Lau | 57.1K
Showing that being a mum of two in no way means you need to let your fashion guard down [just the thought of babies makes me want to run to ugg boots and oversized t-shirts], Michelle continues to roll out simple yet stylish ensembles that us re-evaluating our wardrobes.

7. Morton Mac | Alex Macdonald | 32.5K
Often found water-side with Haylsa, Alex shows that resort wear needn’t be restricted to sarongs and kaftans. Allllll of the pretty dresses.

8. Olympia Creative | Olivia Vlachou | 26.8K
With a slight vintage vibe to her style and feed, we love the old school European glamour Olivia brings to the Gram. We actually wouldn’t be all that surprised if we were told there were some Italian men singing on a gramophone in the background while she was taking each shot.

9. She Does Style | 25K | Emily Suresh
A style obsessed, self-confessed shopaholic, we have a feeling Emily’s closet may just look a little like ours [let’s just say it’s a tad crowded in there]. Emily is often spotted bringing her take on the trends [with a side of denim] to the streets of Perth. Denim for the win always.

10. Inspiring Wit | Jenelle Witty | 22.9K
One of Husskie’s favourites [are we allowed to play favourites? Oh well, she’s just so sweet, how can we not love her?!], Jenelle is a bit of a style chameleon. One day it will be leopard print skirts and connies – the next? A tailored suit jacket and gold mules. We love that she mixes it up… they do say variety is the spice of life, and around here – we like things spicy.

Main image: Beige Renegade

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