10 seriously spooky influencer Halloween looks

Remember the days when Halloween was the perfect excuse to get away with going out on the town as scantily-dressed as humanly possible? There was everything from lingerie-clad Playboy bunnies to booty-baring cheerleaders – the brave ones even choosing to leave the house completely sans clothes in favour of some good ol’ fashioned body paint. But while you’re still sure to find some naughty nurses and flirty maids hitting the streets for sweets, these days sees celebrities and influencers more likely to be ditching sexy for scary come October 31. And the scarier the better.

From bloodcurdling head gashes to unnerving zombie eyes, 2017 has seen beauty and fashion influencers go all out in the name of Halloween. Below, we take a look at the 10 influencer Halloween looks that have got us super impressed (and a little perturbed).

1. Sara Sampaio – Surgery gone wrong

Image credit: @sarasampaio

2. Desi Perkins – Badass Beetlejuice

Image credit: @desiperkins

3. Jaclynhill – Skeletal

Image credit: @jaclynhill

4. Chrisspy – Pennywise

Image credit: @chrisspy

5. Kristina X Makeup – A splash of cake ?

Image credit: @kristinaxmakeup

6. James Charles – Nun of that

Image credit: @jamescharles

7. Sincerely Jules – Day of the Dead

Image credit: @sincerelyjules

8. Lisa Marie Schiffner – Couple ghouls

Image credit: @lisamarie_schiffner

9. Katy Lustrelux – Glam skull

Image credit: @katy

10. Josephine Skriver – Digging up the grave

Image credit: @josephineskriver

Main image: @sincerelyjules

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