Sportsgirl takes a new approach with influencers

It’s something we’re just starting to hear murmurings about, but there’s a movement beginning to kick off that sees brands not only look at how many followers an influencer has – but also their engagement levels.

One such brand is Sportsgirl, an Australian fashion label that has managed to stay relevant for nearly 70 years due to always having its finger on the pulse with the latest trends – be that with fashion, marketing, or influencer approach.

“You have to differentiate or die. Adaption plays a huge role. If we hadn’t been able to adapt in our 70 years, we wouldn’t still be here. Digital has always been our area and we like to think we are on the cutting edge of what’s happening in the space. We were one of the first retailers to launch an e-commerce site,” Sportsgirl marketing manager Kate Rees tells AdNews.

While the brand has definitely not shied away from using big name influencers in the past – think Mimi Elashiry and her 835K Instagram followers – its latest campaign taps singer/songwriter Nicole Millar, who has a 16K following. Rees comments: “We wouldn’t always use a big influencer – influencers are everywhere and every brand is using them, but it’s about how you set yourself apart. We care more about engagement than reach.”

So what does this mean for influencers? It’s not just going to be a numbers game any more…

Image: @nicolemillarmusic

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