Roxy Jacenko talks her day on a plate and exercise regime

When Roxy Jacenko recently turned up to an exercise class we were both involved in for a media launch, I had to do a double take. Taut, toned and tiny, the PR maven was all kinds of body goals. As someone who runs her own influencer agency, own PR company, event speaker, book author, has two kids, is an influencer herself… should I continue??!!… I was absolutely intrigued about how she manages to look so damn good.

But Roxy is the first to admit she works hard for it. From a strict diet, heavy resistance exercise program, and tri-weekly sessions in a freezing chamber (it helps to boost metabolism and energise the body), Roxy’s health regime is both intense and impressive.

To find out just what’s involved, we tracked Roxy down to chat everything food and fitness…

Can you talk me through a typical day on your plate?
I start my day with a skim piccolo and one slice of vegemite toast. I don’t snack between breakfast and lunch. For lunch, I have kingfish sashimi x 6 pieces and 6 x cooked tuna mini rolls. I’ll snack on a mandarin and then have dinner, which more often than not is a repeat of lunch plus a glass or three of Viognier – white wine.

Are there any foods you avoid?
Basically anything fattening. Having lost 12kgs in the past 12 months, I am very focused on maintaining my weight and it really comes down to diet. It’s been a big part of my regime since being diagnosed with cancer in 2016.

What’s your guilty treat?
I am HOOKED on milk chocolate bullets and raisins, I could eat a bag in one sitting! J Killer pythons are also a guilty pleasure.

Do you feel you are strict with your diet?
Absolutely, I had to be initially due to my diagnosis. Health was important and I had been very lazy about what I ate and when it came to exercise. That’s all changed now and I am super happy with the regime – I feel great and have plenty of energy!

Do you get any nutritional advice or is it just going with your gut (so to speak!)?
I don’t get advice and I am sure if I did I would be told I don’t have a balanced diet, but for now, what I am doing is working for me. I am in the best health and shape I have been for a long time!

How does being a mum affect your diet?
Weekends are hard as the kids love nuggets and chips for Saturday evening dinner – resisting eating whilst we prepare them is TORTURE!

From your Insta feed, you also seem to be quite into your exercise. What would be a typical week of exercise for you?
I train five days a week. I do three days with Ben Lucas at Flow Athletic and then two sessions a week with F45 Double Bay. My training is mostly resistance based.

Are you quite self-motivated in this field?
Not at all – in fact I only started because when I began radiation therapy, I needed to strengthen my bones!! Now I am well and truly hooked on training – the results help keep up my motivation… and summer!!

Do you ever do family exercise days or do you and Oliver have to take it in turns?
Pixie and Hunter love to bike ride so we take them on the weekends to do that. Oli also trains, but he doesn’t train with me – he is working with Dylan Rivier of Built by Dylan.

Do you take part in any other activities/treatments to help you stay in shape and to treat the body?
I do CRYO in Edgecliff three times a week. I have worked my way up to three minutes in the chamber at -140 degrees. Additionally, I have a Hollywood Laser Peel once a month with Dr Natasha Cook in replacement of a facial.

And lastly, if you could have anyone’s body in the world – who’s would you choose and why?!
Hmmmmmm. I would say Lorna Jane – that stomach is washboard and something I am working toward!

All images: @roxyjacenko

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