Aimee Song: “Sometimes I feel so sad & so broke inside”

In yet another display of realism that shows fashion bloggers go through struggles just like everybody else, Song of Style fashion blogger Aimee Song has this week released a very raw video discussing how she’s feeling “broken inside”.

Uploading her Paris Vlog – Haute Couture Fashion Week and Real Talk, the video stops a few minutes in to show Aimee sitting on the floor in tears. As she looks into the iPhone camera, Aimee admits some hard truths – from faking confidence and feeling unhappy to the fact that she was bullied so much when she was younger that she wanted to take her own life.

“The hardest thing about being a blogger or having my life out there is to always pretend like I’m happy — I actually don’t feel so happy. I think the hardest part is pretending like everything is okay when it’s not, and trying to still work when I don’t feel like it,” Aimee tells her followers.

“Somebody was asking ‘How do you stay confident?’ and I actually really fake it. I fake it all the time — not all the time, but I fake it a lot of times. I don’t feel confident and I don’t feel happy at all. Sometimes I feel so sad and so broke inside, especially lately.”

“I feel even more sad when I’m around people because everyone’s life seems so perfect — but then again I realise that’s probably what you guys think about my life, which is why I wanted to share this. Nothing is perfect.”

She also reveals that while nobody is forcing her to be everywhere and to attend lots of events, she feels every launch she misses or every job opportunity she turns down because of personal issues is a missed opportunity.

But while Aimee’s vlog has obviously brought up a lot of concern from her followers – she’s sent out a message on her channel saying: “Don’t worry about me! I’m happy again :)”.

All images: @songofstyle

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